YBR 110- Mazbooti aisi ki chalti jaaye.

YBR 110

The YBR 110 is a durable two-wheeler. With a modern fit & finish, it has a multi-reflector headlight and a neatly designed sharp cowl with crease lines that direct the flow of air. It has an easy reading analogue console, including a fuel meter. Sharp graphics and grab rail add to the overall sporty style and character of the bike. The bike's broad and comfortable seat design makes the ride fatigue-free for the rider and the pillion.

The YBR 110 is powered by an air cooled four-stroke 106cc SOHC engine which produces 7.6bhp of power and 7.9Nm of torque. The engine can be started with the help of the electric start button. The bike has a 4 speed slick gearbox with perfectly spaced gear ratios that provides optimum torque throughout the rpm range and ensures stress-free riding in congested conditions without requiring frequent gear changes. It also has a twin cradle down tube type frame and a suspension which is perfect for Indian road conditions. The motorcycle is available in two colour option of red and black or gold and black. As YAMAHA bikes are known for their durability, these specs rightly fit with YBR 110's promise of "Mazbooti aisi ki chalti jaaye".





The robust air cooled four-stroke 106cc SOHC engine of YBR 110 provides excellent low-end torque for everyday riding. The engine can be easily fired up with the help of the electric start button.


Front Disc Brake

Whether you're riding solo or with a passenger, the sculpted dual seats offer plenty of comfort. The seat design is such that it makes every ride fatigue-free for the rider as well as the pillion.

Meter Console

Comfortable monocross suspension

YBR 110 has an easy reading Meter Console including a fuel meter which is luminous and visible at all times.


Large Fuel Tank

The stylish & brighter multi-reflector headlights of YBR 110 provide better visibility in night and its aerodynamically designed cowl has character lines that convey a sense of sharpness.

Electric Start

Comfortable monocross suspension

The hassle free Electric Start button enables the rider to start the bike with a simple button press. This feature can come in really handy in the stop-start city traffic.


Large Fuel Tank

YBR 110's suspension characteristics of rebound damping along with fast and slow compression are very well suited for Indian road conditions. The result is excellent handling, ride comfort and resistance to bottoming even in tandem riding.

Colors & Price

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Red & Black Gold & Black

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