Weekends are few. And the tales waiting to be told are many. Only those with a touring spirit and a heightened aggression to conquer the terrain can explore them all.

Presenting the all-new aggressive tourer Fazer25. With touring in its heart and fire in its soul, here is a perfect tourer for those weekend missions you put on snooze. Tires that are hungry for asphalt, power that craves for distances, muscle that loves to fight the rough, and agility that is always ready to embrace the surprises planned by the zig zag roads. That's Fazer25. Offering perfect balance between Yamaha's true blue aggressive super sports and the practical naked roadsters, the all-new 250cc Fazer25 is the true weekend explorer.



Powerful 250CC Engine


Weekends are over before you know. Thankfully, Fazer25 knows how to cut the long story short. Find your weekend story faster with this aggressive tourer. Mounting a 249cc air-cooled 4-stroke, single-cylinder, SOHC, fuel-injected engine generating an impressive torque of 20 N.m and a power of 20.9 PS, this sports tourer inspires you to cruise ahead and not just sit back. Fine-tuned and optimized for the Indian highways, it keeps your mind calm while your heart is racing. The unique hemispherical combustion chamber, the lightweight forged aluminum piston, plated cylinder and thin piston rings together deliver a tourer's performance with heightened aggression. So whether you are eying a beach or a hill, get ready for a heart revving weekend.

Aerodynamic Front Cowl

Front Disc Brake

When you have a powerful engine under your seat and strong winds opposing, that's when the aerodynamics of your machine are put to test. Fazer25 rides ahead with flying colors. Its beautifully contoured and color-coordinated aerodynamic cowling take the style a notch higher while keeping the blasting winds at bay. So you ride into the weekend with aggression and style.

Wide Comfortable Seat

Comfortable monocross suspension

Touring shouldn't be tiring. That's the spirit the all new Fazer25 has been designed with. To begin with, it adopts wider split seat with slip-resistant cover material and a generous amount of cushioning. So both the rider and the tandem passenger enjoy an effortless long ride. It has also got the jerks covered. As the front portion of the tandem seat has a small bulge to bring a good feeling of hold even during acceleration and deceleration. Also, the sitting point on the tandem seat is about 12 cm higher than that of the rider's to provide good forward visibility for the pillion rider. So gear up and every weekend can be a vacation.

Superb Suspension

Large Fuel Tank

Bad roads often make great stories. And this hungry tourer lives by that policy. Its lightweight link-less monocross suspension offers 120mm of wheel travel. So your tires hold their ground even on rough terrains. Muscular at the front, it adopts 41mm inner tubes and 130mm of stroke travel. Tuned for sufficient rigidity, spring rate and damping characteristics, it provides an excellent shock-absorbing performance and a good feeling of stability during braking. So, no matter what route you take this weekend, tour with confidence.

Dual Horn


Touring means exploring. Exploring new terrains, new turns and many more surprises that the topsy-turvy roads have planned for you. And today, when even the highways are bustling, the requirement of a good horn can't be ignored. The Fazer25 has got that covered too. With new split horns delivering higher decibels & lower Decibels (Dual Tone), here's a tourer that sounds like one.

Dual LED Auxiliary Lights

Advanced midship muffler

Who said touring is a day thing? Now take on the night with confidence while you rev up your bike's appearance. The Fazer25 has got eyes that pierce the dark, so you don't have to look at the clock before heading out. And these dual auxiliary LEDs are supported by bright, energy-efficient LED headlamps and an LED tail. This means, your tourer is ready to take on the roughs at any hour. Probably that's why the weekend begins at midnight.

Ergonomically Engineered for comfortable riding

Split tandeM seats

Yamaha's man-machine concept takes a new shape. Fazer25 has been ergonomically engineered to offer you a relaxed stance. Thanks to its newly designed frame that makes you feel one with the machine no matter you are on a short Sunday ride or a weekend tour, on a straight highway or a zig-zag hill climb.

14L Fuel Tank hungry for distances

sporty twin headlights

"Stop less, tour more" says Fazer25. A 14Liters fuel tank, backed by Yamaha's Blue Core Fuel Injection technology, makes Fazer25 hungry for miles. So you enjoy your weekend ride without thinking about a pit stop.

Feature-loaded Console for all about your trip


As much as your tour is about the experiences, it's also how your machine performed. With Fazer25 you have all the info right there on your screen - Trip 1, Trip 2, Reserve Warning, Time, Fuel Efficiency (Current & Average), Odometer, Fuel Gauge and Tachometer. Counts for another story to tell?

Wide Rear view Mirrors

sporty twin headlights

Be more aware of your surroundings with the wide rear view mirrors which gives good visibility and looks stylish.

Oil Cooling to avoid engine overheating


Keep calm and ride on! That's the Fazer25 mantra. Essential for long rides, the Oil Cooling feature in your Fazer25 keeps you free from the worry of engine overheating. So take on the heat with a cool attitude and ride through climates with a smile on your face. Happy touring!

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