A Scooter is one of the most practical ways for today's active families to get around. The new YAMAHA Alpha has been designed specially to delight this segment with a package of on-board comfort, storage capacity and ease of use with its modern design.

The YAMAHA Alpha is designed specifically for the Indian market, to perform smoothly under varying conditions. Its air-cooled, 4-stroke, 113cc engine is engineered for reliability and good fuel economy in the practical-use range. It is paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) unit and mounted in a body that combines good functionality with a modern design to answer the needs of a typical Indian family.

This model has been developed in great detail to answer the needs of the family scooter market. It is a response to the call for a model that is lighter, more agile and easy to ride with a modern design' and has been developed with a focus on the following points:

  • Modern and refined styling
  • Excellent on-board comfort in one-up or tandem riding
  • Good storage capacity
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Outstanding engine performance



Engine(With TPS and BS Carburetor)


The air cooled 113 cc engine with a (CVT) continuously variable transmission provides smooth acceleration and pleasing pickup. The BS24 carburettor with Throttle Positioning (TPS) and Yamaha’s engine concept idea Blue Core delivers outstanding running performance, excellent fuel efficiency and good emission quality.

Telescopic suspension for comfort

Front Disc Brake

Designed for a smooth ride even over rough roads, the telescopic suspension of the Alpha keeps the rider and passenger stable & comfortable.

Handle mount headlight

Comfortable monocross suspension

The headlight is an added safety for night riding. With the handle mount design, the rider gets better visibility even on turns.

Extra long & comfortable seat

Large Fuel Tank

The flat and long seat keeps the riders & pillion comfortable. A distance of 800 mm from the foremost point to the grab-bar helps provide added hip area to the tandem rider.

Easy leg reach


The new seat with its unique shape is at a height of 775 mm. This not only ensures comfortable seating but also enables easy leg reach to the ground. The footboard shape has a simplified foot placement area which also makes it easier to reach the ground.

Large under seat storage space (21 litres)

Advanced midship muffler

The 21 litres waterproof storage area under the seat can hold most full-face helmets. The tail area of the under-seat space is designed to hold on-board tools and small items such as a waste cloth.

Large Footboard

Split tandeM seats

The 250 mm wide & flat footboard in the foot placement area is free of obstruction and ensures both spacious & comfortable leg space.

Stylish meter console

sporty twin headlights

This design ensures all the information is easy to read under all light conditions.

Easy to grip grab bar with a good hip hold


The easy-to-grip grab-bar ensures greater tandem passenger comfort. The grab-bar features aluminum with paint finish.

Convenient hook for shooping

sporty twin headlights

The convenient hook is perfect for carrying shopping bags with ease. The bags can easily be attached to the hook so that the rider can ride without any hassle.

Colors & Price

  • Blazing Blue | Price: " Please contact the nearest showroom for Price details "
  • Radiant Cyan | Price: " Please contact the nearest showroom for Price details "
  • Marvel Black | Price: " Please contact the nearest showroom for Price details "
  • Cocktail White | Price: " Please contact the nearest showroom for Price details "
  • Blooming Red | Price: " Please contact the nearest showroom for Price details "
Blazing Blue Radiant Cyan Marvel Black Cocktail White Blooming Red

*Above scooter price is Ex-Showroom (Hyderabad). Price may vary as per applicable state taxes/octroi etc. Please collect exact price details from our nearest Showroom.


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